Rust Programming

Why use Rust?

Time and memory efficient

Fast and memory efficient

The programs written in Rust are much faster and memory efficient as compared to other languages in general, as there are no runtime Garbage Collectors. Use of compiler instead of interpreter also boosts performance.

Memory safe

Memory Safety

Rust ensures that there are no null pointers, dangling pointers, or data races, unlike C / C++. Moreover, you can not access elements outside of array in Rust. Rust also provides unsafe option for more flexibility.

Borrow Checker

Borrow Checker

Borrow checker is one of the key features of Rust. Its concept is similar to reference counters. It helps to prevent data races and memory leaks. It is implemented by default in Rust for default ADT like Vectors, Dequeue etc.

Use LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

Use LLVM Compiler Infrastructure

Rust uses LLVM Compiler Infrastructure, which is also used by C compilers (GCC), C++ compilers, Swift, Python, etc. which helps to optimize the code and provide enhanced security.

Low Level Programming Support

Low Level Programming support

Rust supports Low Level Programming and control over memory, like C and C++. Rust also allows the use of Pointers and References as well as executing Assembly Language Instructions and Embedded device support.

Open Source

Rust is Open Source

Rust is an Open Source Project supported by independent Rust Foundation. Its source code can by found at Rust's Github Repo and is well documented as well. See Wikipedia page for reference

Cargo Package Manager

Cargo Package Manager

Cargo is the Rust package manager. Cargo downloads the Rust package's dependencies, compiles the packages, makes distributable packages, and helps to share them, on

Strong community support

Strong and active Community

Rust has strong and welcoming community. You can contact Rust devs and other community members via forums, various chat platforms as well as email. See Rust Official Community Page.

This website is an independent project, and is not under the Rust Foundation.

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